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American Woodcock Survey

American Woodcock Photo: Mark Peck

The American Woodcock Survey (AWSGS) monitors the breeding populations of this species in Eastern North America. Participating Citizen Scientists get an early start to their spring by enjoying an evening of skydancing “timberdoodles.” The observations they collect guide American Woodcock management programs.

Dedicated volunteers spend one spring evening surveying a designated roadside route. During these straightforward surveys, runners stop at pre-assigned points and tally all American Woodcocks they hear.

The AWSGS is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service program, delivered in Ontario by the partners Birds Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Reports are submitted immediately through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service data entry website. The results are published at the USFWS Annual Report website and through the Migratory Bird Data Center website.

If you are interested in participating in this project, review the AWSGS Volunteer Position Description, the Ontario Routes for the AWSGS, and contact Kathy Jones, Ontario Volunteer Manager, at 1-888-448-2473 ext. 124 or volunteer @ If you reside outside of Ontario please visit for the appropriate contact foryour area.

Photo: Gail C. McNeil