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About the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network

The Canadian Migration Monitoring Network (CMMN) consists of a network of independent bird migration monitoring and research stations operated by volunteers and/or paid staff. It is a collaborative initiative among these member stations, Birds Canada and Environment Canada’s Canadian Wildlife Service.



The mission of the CMMN is: To contribute to conservation, knowledge, and public understanding of Canadian migrant birds and bird migration through a collaborative network of independent migration monitoring and research stations.


The vision of the CMMN is: To be an essential component of bird monitoring, migration research and conservation planning in the Western Hemisphere.


CMMN has identified two types of goals needed to carry out its mission and achieve its vision:

Science and Conservation Goals – (1) To generate high quality research and monitoring information on population trends, catchment basins, bird migration corridors/routes, migration/dispersal windows, stop-over sites and other aspects of the ecology of migrant birds. (2) To influence bird conservation by making results readily accessible to the scientific community, decision makers, the general public and to CMMN-RCSM member stations, including their staff and volunteers.

Institutional Goals – (1) To strengthen and expand the network of independent migration monitoring and research stations. (2) To enhance sustainability of its monitoring programs. (3) To increase organizational capacity for science, research and fundraising.

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For more information on the CMMN contact:

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