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Sandra Marquez

GIS Analyst

My interest is in preventing habitat deterioration and animal population decline. Like many others, I am deeply saddened knowing that beautiful species have become extinct and will never return to the earth because of lack of planning and human comprehension.I am passionate about geospatial technologies and applying them to improve the world around us. I firmly believe that making decisions based on geography is basic to human thinking.My academic knowledge and experience is in Ecology, Digital Geography and GIS, Database Management, Web GIS, GIS mobile apps, automation, and spatial data collection. For more than 12 years, I have applied GIS technologies to a variety of studies including environmental impact assessments, natural heritage studies, socioeconomic, aboriginal, land use studies, wetland delineation, hydrogeology, hydrology, and animal population dynamics among others.Being part of Birds Canada, I have the opportunity to work for a science-based organization and contribute my experience and knowledge to conserve wild birds and prevent their extinction.

Email: smarquez @