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Kevin Hawkshaw

Biostatistics Analyst

Although a city boy by birth, I developed a passion for biodiversity and the outdoors from a young age during family camping and fishing trips in eastern Canada. Birds became a key interest for me during my education and early work experience, which took me far west and north of my hometown of Toronto, Ontario. I completed a PhD in Wildlife Ecology and Management at the University of Alberta in 2021, studying the foraging habits of Arctic Peregrine Falcons at Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. In addition to covering hundreds of kilometers of Arctic tundra with bird surveys and scrambling over countless rocky outcrops and cliffs to find and monitor peregrine nests, I also honed the analytical skills that are now in the service of grassland bird conservation at Birds Canada. My goal is to use data to drive positive change for birds and their ecosystems.
Email: khawkshaw @

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