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Kaelyn Bumelis

Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas – 3 Project Manager

I have always been drawn to the outdoors. However, my introduction to avian research was as a wildlife technician studying aerial insectivores during the summers of my undergraduate studies. This led me to pursue a Master of Science in Biology at Western University studying niche segregation among sympatric Barn, Cliff, and Tree swallows. As the Aerial Insectivore Program Coordinator, I work with different groups to coordinate monitoring, research, stewardship, and outreach for aerial insectivores in Ontario. I am also working as the Assistant Coordinator for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas. The Atlas is a collaborative project that aims to map the relative abundance and distribution of the birds that breed in Ontario – data that inform science, conservation, and policy. I feel extremely fortunate to work alongside the dedicated volunteers, collaborators, and Birds Canada staff towards our shared goal of bird conservation.
Email: kbumelis @