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Greg Spira

Senior Program Director – International Cooperation & Conservation

Mango, acacia and pine trees in over 40 countries have shaded my conversations with elders, farmers, environmental activists, mayors and entrepreneurs. These inspiring women and men made me a feminist change agent fighting for both people and planet. They convinced me that we live at an historic confluence of crises – climate, biodiversity, food, gender equality. These crises, like migratory birds, do not respect borders and are interconnected. I enable teams to transform the underlying systems that perpetuate inequalities and weaken ecosystems. Awarded the Government of Canada’s Governor General’s Gold Medal for applied research, I’ve also raised my voice to advocate for equity, conservation and decolonization with the Canadian Government, UN agencies and the private sector. At my core I’m a partnership broker. At Birds Canada I lead the strategic design and roll-out of international conservation programs.
Email: gspira @