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Denise Maillet

New Brunswick Piping Plover Coordinator

As a fourth generation lobster fisher I grew up on the seashore and lived from the sea. This gave me a great respect for all that lives in coastal areas. After making a choice to pursue environmental studies I got my first summer job working to protect the endangered Piping Plovers that nest on the beaches of my home province of New Brunswick. I was hooked. From the time I started working with Piping Plovers in 1995 I’ve had the privilege of helping to protect the coastal habitats that I hold so dear. And the birds whose survival depends on coastal habitats have inspired the way I communicate this passion to the people that share my attraction to these remarkable places. It’s been a dream come true to spend so much time on beaches, dunes and in marshes. Getting to know the birds that live there and sharing this passion with the thousands that would join our guided walks and special presentations throughout the years has given me a sense of accomplishment that can’t be measured.

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