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Denis Lepage, PH.D.

Senior Director, Data Science and Technology

I think that my main driving force is a deep appreciation and respect for nature, and a desire to help protect it, which I was able to combine with a passion for computer science and data throughout most of my career. I get the most satisfaction in knowing that my role at Birds Canada is empowering the work of other people through the use of technologies, whether they are citizen scientists like me helping collect data, or people wanting to apply the knowledge these data provide for conservation and research. One of my main roles is to oversee the development and operations of the Motus and NatureCounts data platforms, the latter of which supports most of our citizen science programs (atlases, eBird Canada, etc.). I am based at Long Point, Ontario, where I thoroughly enjoy the spectacle of bird migration as often as I can. I also manage a web site called Avibase, which organizes bird data from around the world.
Email: dlepage @