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Allison Manthorne

Associate Director, Atlantic Programs & Aerial Insectivore Conservation Strategist

Growing up in coastal British Columbia, my fascination with the natural world was encouraged by my parents and teachers from a young age. When I landed a summer job studying seabirds on the East Coast during university, I discovered a career that fulfills my passion for conservation and love of learning. As the Aerial Insectivore Conservation Program Coordinator in the Atlantic Region, I work with a dedicated team of citizen scientists, landowners and partner organizations to improve monitoring and stewardship of swifts and swallows. Now a parent myself, I’m motivated by my children’s boundless curiosity and eagerness to explore our environment. The creativity and passion of volunteers and colleagues inspire me to seek innovative partnerships and strategies to support the conservation of swifts and swallows in Canada.
Email: amanthorne @

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