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Photo: Gregor Beck

Six Bird Studies Canada staff (Natasha Barlow, Gregor Beck, Andrew Coughlan, Dr. Catherine Dale, Dr. Danielle Ethier, and Dr. Amy-Lee Kouwenberg) recently attended the 37th Meeting of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists in Québec City. They greatly enjoyed connecting with fellow researchers and having the opportunity to share their work.
Bird Population Scientist Dr. Danielle Ethier noted that “many of the talks touched upon The State of Canada’s Birds 2019, which has a large influence on where we focus our research and conservation efforts moving forward. The importance of Citizen Science data to research and conservation was also made apparent in many of the talks and posters.”
Dr. Amy-Lee Kouwenberg reflected, “The symposium on Bicknell’s Thrush and the meeting of the International Bicknell’s Thrush Conservation Group (IBTCG) the day before the conference were extremely valuable to me in my role as the High Elevation Landbird Program coordinator. It was wonderful to meet and hear from colleagues working throughout the breeding range of the Bicknell’s Thrush in other provinces of Canada, the United States, and the Dominican Republic, and to share the work we have been doing in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. One of the highlights for me was a full-day field trip with IBTCG members to forests north of Québec City where Bicknell’s Thrush research is ongoing, in areas being forested and developed for wind energy.”
Overall, the work that Bird Studies Canada is doing with the help of our supporters to advance the research and conservation of birds was well represented at the meeting. It was highlighted in several presentations – not only by our own staff, but by other delegates presenting work in which we have been involved as collaborators.
Bird Studies Canada is pleased to have supported as a partner what all participating staff agree was a successful and well-run event. Our thanks and congratulations to the host, the Society of Canadian Ornithologists.

From left to right: Gregor, Andrew, Natasha, Amy-Lee, Danielle, and Catherine. Photo: Gregor Beck
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