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Coastal Waterbird Survey

Badzinski, S.S., R.J. Cannings, T.E. Armenta, J. Komaroni, P.J.A. Davidson. 2008. Monitoring coastal bird populations in BC: the first five years of the Coastal Waterbird Survey (1999-2004). British Columbia Birds. Vol 17: 1-35.

Badzinski, S.S., R.J. Cannings, T.E. Armenta, J. Komaromi and P.J.A. Davidson. 2006. The British Columbia Coastal Waterbird Survey: An evaluation of survey power and species trends after five years of monitoring. Technical Report Series No. 455. Canadian Wildlife Service Pacific & Yukon Region, British Columbia and Bird Studies Canada.

Crewe, T., K. Barry, P. Davidson, D. Lepage. 2012. Coastal waterbird population trends in the Strait of Georgia 1999-2011: Results from the first 12 years of the British Columbia Coastal Waterbird Survey. British Columbia Birds. Vol 22: 8-35.

British Columbia Coastal Waterbird Survey: Salish Sea Sentinels. BirdWatch Canada. Spring 2010, Number 51.


Beached Bird Survey

Hamel, N.J., A.E. Burger, K. Charleton, P. Davidson, S. Lee, D.F. Bertram & J.K. Parrish. 2009. Bycatch and beached birds: assessing mortality impacts in coastal net fisheries using marine bird strandings. Marine Ornithology Vol 37: 41-60.

O’Hara, P.D., P. Davidson & A.E. Burger. 2009. Aerial surveillance and oil spill impacts based on beached bird survey data collected in southern British Columbia. Marine Ornithology Vol 37: 61-65.

Avery-Gomm, S., P.D. O’Hara, L. Kleine, V. Bowes, L.K. Wilson & K.L. Barry. 2012. Northern fulmars as biological monitors of trends of plastic pollution in the eastern North Pacific. Marine Pollution Bulletin. Vol 64: 1776-81.

Further Reading

Beached Bird Survey

British Columbia Beached Bird Survey: Understanding Seabird Mortality. BirdWatch Canada. Summer 2009, Number 48.

British Columbia Beached Bird Survey: Assessing Fisheries Bycatch Impacts and Plastic Ingestion in Marine Birds. BirdWatch Canada. Spring 2011, Number 55.

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