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How to Build a Nest Box for Tree Swallows or Eastern Bluebirds

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Box Dimensions

FloorRoofFront WallBack WallSide Walls (2)
14 x 14 cm14 x 20 cm14 x 25 cm14 x 35 cm14 x 20 x 23 cm

Cut 2 or 4 corners of floor board for drainage

Drill 4 cm diameter entrance hole


  • Untreated wooden boards (1" x 6" x 6')
  • Drill and 1 ½ " spade bit
  • 1 x 1 ½" wood screws
  • Hammer and nails (1 1/2" finishing nails)
  • 1 hinge for door


  1. Cut out nestbox pieces
  2. Trim the corners on floor board
  3. Drill a 1 ½" hole in the front wall board
  4. Attach the side boards to the floor board (sit on top of floor board)
  5. Attach the back board (leave space on bottom or bottom and top for fixing to post)
  6. Attach the roof
  7. Attach the front board (door) to outside of box, fixing with hinge on bottom
  8. Door should freely swing open and closed
  9. Use wood screw to hold door closed.

Mounting Nestbox

  • Plan to mount nestbox in open, natural areas (field or meadow)
  • Attach nestbox to T-Bar or fence post at least 2 meters above ground.
  • Direct nestbox hole towards open area

Nestbox care

  • Remove the nest box in fall once breeding season is over
  • Clean out nest box for next season

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