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Survey Protocols

The procedure for this survey is similar to other roadside surveys using tape playback. A team of two volunteers drives a pre-determined route, stopping at fixed intervals along the roadside. At each stop, a cassette tape is played consisting of pre-recorded owl calls alternating with timed listening periods. The surveyor identifies and records all owls seen or heard during each listening period. Surveys begin one half hour after sunset during a single evening in April and take approximately 3 hours to complete (not including travel time to and from the survey route).

Two different survey protocols are used, one for northern Ontario, where the main target species are Great Gray Owl and Boreal Owl, and another for central Ontario, where the main target species are Barred Owl and Northern Saw-whet Owl. For purposes of this survey, the 47 line of latitude is used as the boundary between these study areas. In general, the southern edge of the Canadian Shield defines the southern limit of the central Ontario study area.

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Northern Protocol

Central Protocol

Northern Data Sheets

Central Data Sheets

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