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Eastern Whip-poor-will

Eastern Whip-poor-will

Over the last decade, Eastern Whip-poor-will populations have declined substantially in Ontario and Canada. The species is considered Threatened. We know little about what's causing declines of Whip-poor-wills and many other aerial insectivores. The Eastern Whip-poor-will, in particular, is not well tracked by other monitoring programs, in part because this species is most active at night.

Bird Studies Canada is working to address key questions about the Eastern Whip-poor-will's distribution and habitat preferences, to identify strongholds across Ontario, and to inform management activities. We have also been working to encourage cottagers, rural residents, woodlot owners, conservation organizations, and other groups to participate in these efforts by providing reports of calling whip-poor-wills.

You can help! Please report your Eastern Whip-poor-will observations to eBird Canada.

For more information, contact:

Audrey Heagy
Bird Conservation Planning Biologist

Partners and Supporters:

  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

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