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Tag: Piping Plover Conservation

Piping Plovers Saw Many Successes, Some Challenges in 2018

19 November 2018 – For species at risk, there’s often good and not-so-good news to report when it comes to the status of species recovery. This held true for endangered Piping Plovers in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and southeastern New Brunswick in 2018.

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Students Help Remove 120 lbs. of Garbage from Shorebird Habitat

8 November 2018 – On a sunny day in October, 47 students and 4 teachers from Ecole Calixte F. Savoie in Saint-Anne de Kent, NB got some hands-on experience in helping and learning about nature. They joined Denise Maillet of Bird Studies Canada, as well as Denise Roy and Jennifer White of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), to clean up a section along Cap Lumiere beach.

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Carve a Piping Plover Pumpkin for Halloween

16 October 2018 – If you are looking for a bird-themed design for this year’s jack-o-lantern, look no further! Bird Studies Canada’s Ontario Piping Plover Conservation Coordinator, Andrea Gress, came up with two cute plover designs that you can download and print off.

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Ontario’s Piping Plover Chicks Stretch Their Wings

13 July 2018 – There are an abundance of chicks on Ontario’s shores this year, which are due to fledge soon. We consider a chick fledged when it can fly a distance of 50 m at one time. Many of the chicks are stretching their wings out and giving it a try, getting a few metres at a time – it’s a wonderful sight to see!

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Help Us Find Piping Plovers in Ontario

17 April 2018 – If you can identify Piping Plovers, and if you would like to help this wonderful species in Ontario, you can assist Bird Studies Canada by conducting surveys.

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Piping Plovers Hang On in Ontario and Manitoba

11 August 2017 – Following an absence of breeding pairs in Ontario for more than 30 years, Piping Plovers have been making a gradual return at selected nesting locations on Canadian Great Lakes shores since 2007. Federal and provincial governments and local agencies cooperate to protect these Endangered shorebirds and their habitat.

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Survivor’s Guide to a Piping Plover Breeding Season

17 July 2017 – To some, spending countless hours from May through August protecting an endangered, camouflaged bird, its four eggs, and its flightless chicks on the open sand – exposed to the elements and busy activities of beachgoers – would sound daunting, and perhaps a bit nuts. I’ve come to learn that cautious optimism and resilience are handy qualities for biologists and Citizen Scientists engaged in Piping Plover conservation.

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