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Possibilities for Wildlife Tracking with Motus are Expanding, Thanks to CANARIE

16 November 2018 – Bird Studies Canada is proud to announce that our Motus Wildlife Tracking System was one of 20 projects across Canada to recently receive funding from CANARIE’s Research Software Program.

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From the Field: Shorebird Research at Bahia Lomas, Chile

7 May 2018 – Not long ago, Pete Davidson brought you the story of the rapidly declining rufa subspecies of Red Knot, and collaborative efforts to study and save it along its migratory path. You may recall that Bird Studies Canada and international partners met in Chile earlier this year to conduct intensive field research as part of these efforts. I was among those on the expedition, and I’m excited to share my field notes with you.

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Motus Helping Untangle Red Knot Conservation Challenges

19 March 2018 – Conservation isn’t easy, even at the best of times. And when the animal you are trying to help migrates 30,000 km each year, from one remote location to the next, it takes decades of work by many people to piece together its life cycle, identify risks, and try to solve the problems. The clock is ticking.

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New Motus Partnership for Shorebirds Takes Flight

8 December 2017 – Bird Studies Canada is excited to announce a new international partnership to study the ecology of the endangered rufa subspecies of Red Knot at its major wintering site in Bahia Lomas, Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Results from this work will inform management decisions and conservation action at this critical habitat at the southern end of the Atlantic Flyway.

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Conference Shines Spotlight on Canadian Science

11 September 2017 – In August, Bird Studies Canada scientists Dr. Tara Crewe and Dr. Doug Tozer participated in a joint meeting of the American Ornithological Society (AOS) and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists (SCO) in East Lansing, Michigan.

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Getting to Know the Mysterious, Increasingly Less-Common, Common Nighthawk

17 July 2017 – The Common Nighthawk looks graceful in flight, and a bit strange up close due to its large eyes and wide mouth. But no matter how you look at it, this species is becoming a less-common sight. Breeding Bird Survey data suggest it has declined by 76% since 1973 in Canada, where it is now listed as a Threatened species.

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Scientists Unraveling Migration Secrets of the Mighty Blackpoll Warbler

14 July 2017 – A bold research team, led by the University of Guelph and Bird Studies Canada, spread out across the boreal forest in June in an effort to recapture some very specific Blackpoll Warblers.

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Racing Pigeons Help Scientists Get the Most Out of Motus

4 July 2017 – The Motus Wildlife Tracking System is being used by numerous researchers and organizations to gain new knowledge about the movements of small songbirds, bats, and insects during breeding and migration, and on overwintering grounds.

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