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Come Birding With Us for the Great Canadian Birdathon

29 April 2019 – You’re invited to join some of Bird Studies Canada’s experts in Vancouver, BC; Toronto, ON; or Moncton, NB for a fun day of birding for conservation! Bird Studies Canada staff in three locations across Canada hope you can join them for their Birdathon day this May. Whether you are new to birding or an experienced Birdathoner, and whatever your age, we would love for you to join us in person for a bird walk near you.

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Invest in the Future – Take a Kid Birding!

25 April 2019 – My husband and I have always been interested in the birds around us, but it was our son who made a difference in our birding behaviour. To earn a Cub Scout badge, he built a birdfeeder and observed and recorded all activity at it for a month. Since he showed such a keen interest, we encouraged his birdwatching and participated with him.

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Fledge a New Birder on the Great Canadian Birdathon!

22 March 2019 – Registration is open for the 2019 Great Canadian Birdathon. Sign up now and you can join thousands of birders and supporters giving birds a boost! Last year’s Birdathon raised over $200,000 for conservation efforts across Canada, thanks to individuals like you.

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Baillie Fund Helps Recruit Local Champions for Birds

23 January 2019 – Nestled between the imposing boreal forest and ridges of Riding Mountain National Park and the shores of Lake Manitoba are three relatively unknown Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs). Thanks to support from Bird Studies Canada’s Baillie Fund – including donations collected by the Great Canadian Birdathon’s dedicated participants – the Manitoba IBA Program received a grant in 2018 to deliver outreach in these IBAs.

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Thank you, Birdathon Participants! Congratulations, Prize Winners!

12 October 2018 – Bird Studies Canada thanks all of our generous prize donors, participants, and sponsors for making the Great Canadian Birdathon a success.

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Let’s Make the 2018 Birdathon Even Greater (for Birds!)

15 June 2018 – On behalf of birds across Canada, thank you to all who have supported the 2018 Great Canadian Birdathon. So far, 444 registered participants have raised more than $140,000, and donations are still coming in!

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Birdathon: A Lifeline for Bird Research and Conservation in Canada

2 May 2018 – To say that I take the Great Canadian Birdathon seriously is an understatement. Most of my conversations leading up to or during the month of May typically revolve around recruiting new members and planning my team’s route and itinerary.

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Why I Do the Great Canadian Birdathon and Think You Should, Too!

17 April 2018 – The Great Canadian Birdathon raises money for research and conservation. And participating can turn up lifelong friends as well as life birds, writes longtime Birdathoner Kevin Shackleton.

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