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Volunteers Wanted for Nightjar Survey

27 May 2019 – WildResearch is seeking volunteers to survey for nightjars (birds in the nighthawk and whip-poor-will family) across Canada – especially in Manitoba and Ontario, where there are new survey routes available!

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Chimney Swifts Are Returning to a Chimney Near You!

25 April 2019 – Get ready, SwiftWatchers! The 2019 SwiftWatch season is rapidly approaching as Chimney Swifts make their long migration north from South America.

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Research Spotlight: A Domino Effect in the Lives of Tree Swallows

7 March 2019 – In January, a paper entitled “A range-wide domino effect and resetting of the annual cycle in a migratory songbird” by Dr. Elizabeth Gow and 28 other authors, including myself, was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. This paper concerns the timing of breeding of Tree Swallows at 12 sites across North America and how variation in this timing of breeding across those sites influences the timing of future events in the birds’ life cycle.

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460,000 concerned citizens call for immediate ban on bee-killing neonic pesticides in Canada

16 November 2018 – Fourteen conservation, environmental health and advocacy groups*, along with the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association, have called on the federal government to end the use of neonicotinoid insecticides in Canada without further delay, as Ottawa concluded consultations on the latest neonic risk assessments on Tuesday, November 13.

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