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Motus Helping Untangle Red Knot Conservation Challenges

19 March 2018 – Conservation isn’t easy, even at the best of times. And when the animal you are trying to help migrates 30,000 km each year, from one remote location to the next, it takes decades of work by many people to piece together its life cycle, identify risks, and try to solve the problems. The clock is ticking.

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International Progress to Conserve Canada Warblers

14 February 2018 – Important research is underway to understand the ecology of the Canada Warbler on its wintering grounds in the Colombian Andes.


2018 International Ornithological Congress: Important Updates

14 February 2018 – The world’s biggest celebration of birds and bird science is just six months away!

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Take a Break with the Latest Issue of “BirdWatch Canada”

12 February 2018 – Find exciting research highlights, and previews of events and opportunities, in the Winter 2018 edition of our magazine.


Apply Now for the 2018 Young Ornithologists’ Workshop

12 February 2018 – Young birders between the ages of 13 and 17: want to deepen your skills, broaden your experience, and maybe pursue a bird-related career? You're invited to apply for a very special workshop.

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Canadians Steal into the Night to Survey Owls

12 February 2018 – Enjoy regional highlights from the 2017 Nocturnal Owl Survey, achieved thanks to devoted volunteers like you.


Working Toward a Safe Haven for Waterbirds in BC

12 February 2018 – A recent workshop aimed to develop solutions to reduce the impacts of recreational disturbance on waterbirds in the Fraser River Estuary IBA.

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Putting a Bow on This Season’s Christmas Bird Count for Kids

22 January 2018 – A successful 2017-18 Christmas Bird Count for Kids season has wrapped up in Canada. Fifty-eight events across the country gathered young birders to identify and count winter birds in their cities, parks, forests, prairies, wetlands, and coastal areas. An impressive 142 species were reported!


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