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Much Ado about Curlews on World Curlew Day

20 April 2018 – Long-billed Curlews are arguably the most stately-looking of all the curlews, and stand as a symbol of the grassland landscapes that have sustained humans for millennia. Unfortunately, our relationship with curlews is fraying because we have intensified our agriculture practices to feed our growing population.

Why I Do the Great Canadian Birdathon and Think You Should, Too!

17 April 2018 – The Great Canadian Birdathon raises money for research and conservation. And participating can turn up lifelong friends as well as life birds, writes longtime Birdathoner Kevin Shackleton.


Welcome Feathered Friends Back to School

17 April 2018 – Get students outside and learning about local birdlife with Bird Studies Canada’s educational programs and activities.

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Volunteers Needed for Chimney Swift Surveys

17 April 2018 – Citizen Scientists in Bird Studies Canada’s SwiftWatch program fill critical information gaps by monitoring and acting as stewards for Chimney Swifts and their habitat.

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Saving Ancient Murrelets from Invasive Species in BC

17 April 2018 – How are island-breeding birds faring in Canada? We look at the Ancient Murrelet as an example.


Help Us Find Piping Plovers in Ontario

17 April 2018 – If you can identify Piping Plovers, and if you would like to help this wonderful species in Ontario, you can assist Bird Studies Canada by conducting surveys.

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Experience the Urban Wild at the Toronto Bird Celebration

17 April 2018 – Looking for ways to explore Toronto’s vibrant birdlife during spring migration? Join Bird Studies Canada and a host of partners for the 2018 Toronto Bird Celebration!


Help Pick North American Contenders for the Twitter World Cup of Birds!

6 April 2018 – If you’re a die-hard bird fan, we hope you’ll help Bird Studies Canada in our quest to choose eight North American bird species to represent the continent in the Twitter World Cup.

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