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Travel Grants Available for Saskatchewan Atlas Volunteers

22 May 2018 – As winter slowly but surely gives way to spring, the Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas team is busily preparing for the 2018 field season. Plans are being laid for northern excursions, field crews are being assembled, and workshops have begun.


Ambitious International Summit Tackles Threats Along Migratory Flyways

16 May 2018 – In late April, as billions of migratory birds returned to their northern breeding grounds from southern and equatorial winter quarters, an unprecedented gathering took place. A group of people passionate about the plight of the birds along their ancient flyways assembled at a migratory bottleneck on the Arabian Gulf.


Soar Into Spring with the Latest Issue of “BirdWatch Canada”

16 May 2018 – It’s here again – the season of new growth and fresh starts. One change on the way is a new and improved magazine for our members, tailored to your interests and preferences. What do you like about BirdWatch Canada?


Future Remains Hopeful for Chimney Swift and Common Nighthawk

16 May 2018 – At its April meeting in Windsor, ON, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) reassessed the status of six bird species.

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Keep an Eye on Loons This Summer

16 May 2018 – The Common Loon is a welcome sight on Canada’s lakes each year, bringing enjoyment to residents, cottagers, and boaters. For many, its ethereal call embodies the very spirit of Canadian summer.


From the Field: Shorebird Research at Bahia Lomas, Chile

7 May 2018 – Not long ago, Pete Davidson brought you the story of the rapidly declining rufa subspecies of Red Knot, and collaborative efforts to study and save it along its migratory path. You may recall that Bird Studies Canada and international partners met in Chile earlier this year to conduct intensive field research as part of these efforts. I was among those on the expedition, and I’m excited to share my field notes with you.


Birdathon: A Lifeline for Bird Research and Conservation in Canada

2 May 2018 – To say that I take the Great Canadian Birdathon seriously is an understatement. Most of my conversations leading up to or during the month of May typically revolve around recruiting new members and planning my team’s route and itinerary.


BC’s Fraser Estuary Featured at Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference

30 April 2018 – At the beginning of April, Bird Studies Canada staff attended the 30th Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in Seattle, Washington. We thank the Swinomonish Tribal Community and the Coast Salish people for welcoming us, allowing us to gather on their traditional territory, and sharing their knowledge and culture throughout the conference proceedings.

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