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Celebrate Birds in Toronto and Beyond

25 April 2019 – Each year during bird migration, Toronto becomes a mega bird-highway much busier, healthier, and more colourful than the 401. Join us in celebrating birds in the city at the Toronto Bird Celebration from May 11-25, 2019 and other springtime events across Canada.

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You Can Help Endangered Piping Plovers at Your Favourite Beach

25 April 2019 – Those passionate about Piping Plovers are celebrating their arrival at Canada’s beaches and shorelines. If you are a fan of these Endangered shorebirds, now is a good time to get involved in volunteering for the nesting season.


Québec Breeding Bird Atlas Now Available in Bookstores

25 April 2019 – A valuable new contribution to our understanding of Canada’s birds – The Second Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Southern Québec – was released in bookstores on April 4, 2019.

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Meet Some of Bird Studies Canada’s Newest Team Members

25 April 2019 – The Bird Studies Canada team has been fortunate to welcome some amazing new talent since 2018. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to some of the staff who are doing important work for Canada’s birds with your support.


Long-billed Curlews are Landing in BC

18 April 2019 – The family of bird species that includes curlews (as well as godwits and some other large waders) is one of the most threatened bird families in the world. Over half of the species in this family are of global conservation concern. That’s why certain conservation organizations around the world have started to recognize April 21 as World Curlew Day – a day for learning more about and celebrating these at-risk birds.


Canada Warbler Genome to be Sequenced!

18 April 2019 – Canada’s Genomics Enterprise and partners have embarked upon a "Canada 150 Sequencing Initiative." The aim is to sequence the genomes of 150 Canadian wildlife species to enable future research in biodiversity and conservation across Canada. We are pleased to report that our application to have the Canada Warbler genome sequenced was successful!

Opportunities for Young Ornithologists Across the Country

3 April 2019 – If you're a teenager looking for ornithological adventure (or you know one), there are a number of amazing opportunities that you may want to look into being offered by Canadian Migration Monitoring Network bird observatories and other organizations across the country.


Thank You for Being Champions for Vultures!

27 March 2019 – We did it!!! With incredible support from you, the Bird Studies Canada community, Team Canucks made a huge impact for Africa’s vultures through the Champions of the Flyway international birding race.


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