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Can The Weather Forecast Help You Enjoy Bird Migration Even More?

When is the best time to watch for spring migrants? Where is the ideal place to go birding tomorrow? In this richly illustrated talk, an avowed “bird forecaster” will describe how weather patterns affect bird migration, what he looks for in the weather charts, and how you can utilize the weather forecast when planning your next day in the field. Join Brandon Holden and Justin Peter as they explore how to use the weather to predict good birding dates!

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Brandon Holden

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Brandon Holden has been birding actively for most of his life. His eyes are particularly attuned to watching visible migration and finding rare species, of which he has found a number. A biological field surveyor by profession, he is also an accomplished bird photographer. Brandon has been studying the impact of weather on bird movements for several years and credits many of his best days on understanding the weather!

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May 04 2021


7:30 pm