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Join Ankur Khurana, a tenacious advocate of environmental justice whose love for wildlife has taken him all over the world. Originally from India, he has been photographing birds for a decade now and it is his love for birds that led him to the field of conservation. Ankur currently works with Credit Valley Conservation as an environmental communications professional, and he was one of Birds Canada’s photography contest 2020 judges. Join him in this session to learn how to get a winning image.

The literal meaning of Photography is ‘Drawing with Light’. When it comes to bird photography, what makes for a good photo? In this webinar, Ankur will share with you some key tips and tricks to up your bird photography game! If you’re an avid birder who wants to get into bird photography or someone who wants to tell stories through their images, you will appreciate what he has for you here! While good images can be made with any kind of camera, this webinar is aimed at people who use/are beginning to use DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

By the end of the webinar, you will learn to:
1. Take tack-sharp images
2. Frame your subject better
3. Infuse storytelling into your images
4. Choose the best settings on your camera
5. Customize your techniques according to context

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We invite you to connect with the sponsors that make this free and delightful event a reality: Armstrong Bird Food, Pattison Outdoor, Acart Advertising, Kowa Optics, Fjällräven and Firefly Books. Thank you for this generous support!

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May 11 2021


7:30 pm
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