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Ruby-throated Hummingbird on flower

Gardening for Birds Website Launch

Pine Grosbeak
Pine Grosbeak Photo: Daniel Arndt



Take your love of birds to the next level by creating habitat in your yard or garden that provides life-saving resources (think food, water, and shelter) for birds throughout the year. Gardening is an excellent way to ensure that outdoor spaces, whether large or small, help wildlife. Many North American bird species are in decline due to habitat loss and degradation, among other global threats. You can help!

Join us on May 5th, when we launch our Gardening for Birds website and resources that will help you help birds by making it easy for you to design and plant a garden that is great for birds. Whether you have an existing garden that could use a few tweaks or an expansive lawn that you’re hoping to transform for the benefit of nature, this website and associated resources will give you a head start on welcoming more birds to your place!

Ruby-throated Hummingbird on flower
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Photo: Paul Madder

On the website, you will find details on 500+ plant species from which you can select those most compatible with your area and your garden plan. Once you’re done, you can print out or email yourself a list of plants that will help you successfully garden for birds!

Ways to start gardening for birds today

Check out the new website!

View our new Gardening for Birds video series below, which will give you some bite-sized practical tips on ways you can start gardening for birds:

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May 05 2021


12:00 pm