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Programme de suivi des collisions d'oiseaux avec des fenêtres à Vancouver

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Windows can deceive birds. Glass can reflect habitat, or birds may presume they can fly directly through glass to habitat that is visible through the window. Several factors affect the likelihood of birds striking windows, including the proximity of windows to vegetation and bird feeders, houses, and baths. For information on what you can do to prevent collisions at your home, visit the FLAP website.

Follow these steps if you find a stunned or injured bird*:

  • Gently place the bird in a paper bag or small cardboard box with air holes
  • Roll clean tissues or paper towels into a donut shape and place around the bird
  • Never feed the bird or give it water
  • Place in a quiet, dark, secure area
  • After an hour, take the box or bag to an area away from other buildings and windows, and release the bird
  • If the bird is unable to fly off or if there are visible signs of injury, contact Wildlife Rescue Association of BC at 5216 Glencarin Drive, Burnaby, (604) 526-7275.

* Although handling birds poses very little risk to human health, wearing gloves is recommended.

Click here to read the City of Vancouver Bird Strategy.


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