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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some Citizen Science programs are temporarily suspended. Please read our Policy on Outdoor Work under COVID-19.

Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas

The Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) program is an international conservation initiative of BirdLife International, co-led in Canada by Birds Canada. Thousands of people volunteer their time as Citizen Scientists to monitor and steward IBAs in Canada.

Our actions at IBAs include promoting nature appreciation through birding tourism (Niagara River, ON), reducing disturbance to migrating shorebirds (the Bay of Fundy), supporting bird monitoring “blitzes” and engagement of Indigenous communities (Manitoba), conservation planning (Prince Edward Country, ON), invasive species removal at sites across Canada, and partnering to preserve BC’s threatened Fraser Delta IBA.

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Andrew Couturier
Senior Director, Landscape Science and Conservation

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