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Atlas Data Summary

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Species Max. Br. evid. #Squares
Canada Goose FY1
Blue-winged Teal FY5
Northern Shoveler P3
Gadwall P5
American Wigeon FY3
Mallard P6
Northern Pintail H4
Green-winged Teal P2
Canvasback H1
Redhead H1
Ring-necked Duck X1
Lesser Scaup D2
Ruddy Duck H1
Ring-necked Pheasant H2
Gray Partridge P2
Sharp-tailed Grouse H1
Pied-billed Grebe FY3
Horned Grebe AE1
Eared Grebe S1
Double-crested Cormorant H1
American White Pelican 1
Golden Eagle X1
Northern Harrier H4
Swainson's Hawk AE6
Red-tailed Hawk AE2
Ferruginous Hawk T1
Sora S1
American Coot FY3
Killdeer DD8
Upland Sandpiper P6
Marbled Godwit A3
Wilson's Snipe M4
Wilson's Phalarope S2
Spotted Sandpiper H3
Willet S4
Lesser Yellowlegs X3
Ring-billed Gull X2
California Gull X5
Black Tern V3
Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) H4
Mourning Dove NY10
Great Horned Owl AE1
Common Nighthawk P3
Belted Kingfisher H1
Northern Flicker H1
Prairie Falcon X1
Least Flycatcher S4
Say's Phoebe CF2
Western Kingbird CF9
Eastern Kingbird V8
Loggerhead Shrike H1
Warbling Vireo S6
Black-billed Magpie H1
American Crow S2
Horned Lark M9
Purple Martin H1
Tree Swallow H3
Bank Swallow AE2
Barn Swallow AE9
Cliff Swallow V1
House Wren CF6
Marsh Wren S1
American Robin NE10
Gray Catbird S2
Brown Thrasher S2
European Starling AE2
Sprague's Pipit S3
Cedar Waxwing H1
Chestnut-collared Longspur M4
Common Yellowthroat S1
Yellow Warbler S9
Grasshopper Sparrow S4
Baird's Sparrow M5
Nelson's Sparrow S2
Clay-colored Sparrow M7
Lark Sparrow H1
Lark Bunting CF1
Vesper Sparrow CF9
Savannah Sparrow M7
Song Sparrow S5
Yellow-headed Blackbird D6
Bobolink D6
Western Meadowlark A7
Orchard Oriole P2
Baltimore Oriole S3
Red-winged Blackbird CF8
Brown-headed Cowbird FY7
Brewer's Blackbird P5
Common Grackle CF8
American Goldfinch S5
House Sparrow AE6

Total: 84 breeding species (plus 7 non-breeder).

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.



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