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Atlas Data Summary

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Species Max. Br. evid. #Squares
Canada Goose H7
Trumpeter Swan X1
Northern Shoveler AE1
American Wigeon H1
Mallard AE4
Green-winged Teal H2
Ring-necked Duck H1
Lesser Scaup H2
Surf Scoter P4
Bufflehead H2
Common Goldeneye H2
Common Merganser H6
Red-breasted Merganser P5
Spruce Grouse NE4
Common Loon D13
Great Blue Heron H1
Osprey AE2
Northern Harrier H1
Sharp-shinned Hawk H2
Bald Eagle CF8
Red-tailed Hawk H2
Sora S1
Killdeer H1
Wilson's Snipe S6
Spotted Sandpiper P4
Solitary Sandpiper A3
Greater Yellowlegs A8
Lesser Yellowlegs A6
Parasitic Jaeger 1
Bonaparte's Gull AE7
Mew Gull X1
Ring-billed Gull X2
California Gull X3
Herring Gull H7
Caspian Tern X1
Black Tern H1
Common Tern X4
Arctic Tern CF3
Common Nighthawk S5
Belted Kingfisher P4
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker S2
Hairy Woodpecker A1
American Three-toed Woodpecker H2
Black-backed Woodpecker S3
Northern Flicker V9
Pileated Woodpecker X1
Merlin H1
Olive-sided Flycatcher S7
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher S3
Alder Flycatcher S14
Least Flycatcher S3
Eastern Kingbird CF1
Blue-headed Vireo S3
Philadelphia Vireo S1
Red-eyed Vireo S4
Gray Jay S10
American Crow S4
Common Raven FY11
Tree Swallow P6
Barn Swallow AE2
Cliff Swallow NY1
Boreal Chickadee CF4
Red-breasted Nuthatch S1
Brown Creeper S1
Winter Wren S2
Ruby-crowned Kinglet A14
Gray-cheeked Thrush S2
Swainson's Thrush S13
Hermit Thrush NE14
American Robin CF10
Bohemian Waxwing D4
Cedar Waxwing S4
Ovenbird S1
Northern Waterthrush S7
Black-and-white Warbler S2
Tennessee Warbler A15
Orange-crowned Warbler A5
Nashville Warbler S3
Mourning Warbler S1
Magnolia Warbler S7
Yellow Warbler S6
Blackpoll Warbler S3
Palm Warbler S8
Yellow-rumped Warbler NY14
Wilson's Warbler A4
LeConte's Sparrow A3
Chipping Sparrow NE12
Fox Sparrow S10
Dark-eyed Junco NY16
White-crowned Sparrow CF6
Harris's Sparrow S2
White-throated Sparrow A12
Song Sparrow CF7
Lincoln's Sparrow FY10
Swamp Sparrow CF6
Rose-breasted Grosbeak S1
Rusty Blackbird CF3
Pine Grosbeak S2
Common Redpoll M2
Hoary Redpoll X1
White-winged Crossbill S6
Pine Siskin S3

Total: 93 breeding species (plus 9 non-breeder).

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.



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