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Atlas Data Summary

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The summary statistics presented below are based on atlas data reported to date for each province and region. Click on a region number within the table to see a list of species reported to date for that region.

Select a province to view the summary statistics for each region within that province.

ProvinceRegion #Checklists #Partic. #Squares #Records #Species #Hours #Hours (peak) #Points
SKSaskatchewan (Province)6222 1511212813202574472.974093.852617
SK1. Cypress287 18583284149184.50172.60126
SK2. Wood River392 27844192136257.67235.20172
SK3. Big Muddy315 16663317124131.68122.13129
SK4. Souris-Moose Mountain671 2111011813173573.72536.38368
SK5. Great Sand Hills252 1383265712296.9583.2370
SK6. Lake Diefenbaker178 1844174612184.1877.7578
SK7. Wascana1127 458313989152789.68695.07263
SK8. Qu'Appelle428 32827203156406.05392.43335
SK9. Eagle Creek140 1342118910733.1530.4564
SK10. Brightwater789 369711391159404.62334.22434
SK11. Last Mountain417 26826295146293.97259.45172
SK12. Whitesand229 22783121163157.07144.47139
SK13. Thickwood190 17682209148112.90101.55100
SK14. Basin Lakes183 22422775165219.82192.2066
SK15. Commercial Forest475 441564586184364.27353.9792
SK16. Athabasca149 6371553115362.75362.759

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.



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