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Atlas Data Summary

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The summary statistics presented below are based on atlas data reported to date for each province and region. Click on a region number within the table to see a list of species reported to date for that region.

Select a province to view the summary statistics for each region within that province.

ProvinceRegion #Checklists #Partic. #Squares #Records #Species #Hours #Hours (peak) #Points
SKSaskatchewan (Province)2814 104680370892502359.222221.151206
SK1. Cypress163 1135169712871.4371.43118
SK2. Wood River204 18532310117186.00170.10108
SK3. Big Muddy54 9175958931.0228.830
SK4. Souris-Moose Mountain380 17906612168340.07339.95205
SK5. Great Sand Hills55 8415278920.0319.530
SK6. Lake Diefenbaker72 11297579551.0049.6042
SK7. Wascana600 28537205142427.90381.6299
SK8. Qu'Appelle220 22543353145224.60216.5597
SK9. Eagle Creek49 8204819119.2219.2215
SK10. Brightwater320 21394270135150.02130.33177
SK11. Last Mountain110 18382003130146.27130.80109
SK12. Whitesand91 1340142415087.8282.8293
SK13. Thickwood48 73284111156.0546.6255
SK14. Basin Lakes61 15241126143113.20100.376
SK15. Commercial Forest283 28952975176271.62270.4082
SK16. Athabasca104 42091398162.98162.980

Note: the statistics and species lists presented on this page are based on accepted records (including records pending review) with breeding evidence.



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