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Renfrew County Biotabase
Project Partners

Pembroke Area Field Naturalists: The Pembroke Area Field Naturalists (PAFN) members have been active in bird surveys and recreational birding since 1983. The first Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas (1981-1985), solidified the interest of advanced birders and led to a greater interest in bird identification by an increasing number of people. Since then, our member's interests have expanded to include other groups of animals and the plants of Renfrew County. The Renfrew County Biotabase is a partnership between ORI and the Pembroke Area Field Naturalists.


Ottawa River Institute: The Ottawa River Institute (ORI) is a local, grassroots organization, active in the Upper Ottawa Valley and promoting sustainable communities and ecological integrity in the Ottawa River watershed. Since its inception in 2002, the organization has worked with both school boards in Renfrew County, power companies, other NGO's and municipalities to deliver educational workshops to all age groups focused on energy conservation, local food, ecology, and renewable energy. The Renfrew County Biotabase is a partnership between ORI and the Pembroke Area Field Naturalists.


Ontario Trillium Foundation: The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), one of Canada's leading grantmaking foundations, is an agency of the Government of Ontario. Their vision is as a catalyst that enables Ontarians to work together to enhance the quality of life in their communities. They believe that our communities across Ontario are rich in talent, creativity and drive, and their grants stimulate communities to build on these assets. Their mission is in building healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by strengthening the capacity of the voluntary sector, through investments in community-based initiatives.


Bird Studies Canada: Bird Studies Canada (BSC) is Canada's national bird conservation organization. Its mission is to advance the understanding, appreciation and conservation of wild birds and their habitats through studies that engage the skills, enthusiasm and support of volunteers, members, staff and the interested public. BSC conducts a wide range of local, regional, national and international programs, dependant upon the active involvement of thousands of volunteer "Citizen Scientists", guided by a small group of professional scientists.




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