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Maritimes Breeding Bird Atlas
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Bird Studies Canada: Bird Studies Canada (BSC) is Canada's national bird conservation organization. Its mission is to advance the understanding, appreciation and conservation of wild birds and their habitats through studies that engage the skills, enthusiasm and support of volunteers, members, staff and the interested public. BSC conducts a wide range of local, regional, national and international programs, dependant upon the active involvement of thousands of volunteer "Citizen Scientists", guided by a small group of professional scientists.


Canadian Wildlife Service: The Canadian Wildlife Service - Environment Canada is Canada's national wildlife agency, which handles wildlife matters that are the responsibility of the federal government. This includes the protection and management of migratory birds and nationally important wildlife habitat, endangered species, research on nationally important wildlife issues, control of international trade in endangered species, and international treaties.


New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources: The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources defines the objectives for Crown land management in the province. Objectives for six habitat types have been defined for NB's Crown land . The Barred Owl has been used to help define one of these habitats, Old Tolerant Hardwood Habitat. As a result, the Barred Owl has been listed as an Indicator of Sustainable Forest Management by the DNR. Monitoring the Barred Owl in NB is therefore of considerable importance to forest managers and conservationists in the province.


Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources: The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources has broad responsibilities relative to the development, management, conservation, and protection of forest, mineral, parks and wildlife resources, and the administration of the province's Crown land. The Wildlife Division of The Renewable Resources Branch of the Department promotes and implements the principles and ethics of conservation and sustainable use of wildlife populations, habitats and ecosystems in Nova Scotia.


Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Forestry: The Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division of the Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Forestry manages close to 31,000 hectares of publicly-owned land. Some of these lands are designated as Wildlife Management Areas, Natural Areas and Provincial Forests. Within this Division, the Fish and Wildlife Program is responsible for the conservation and management of the Island's wildlife resources, including the preservation, maintenance and restoration of habitat and the enforcement of legislation related to the protection of species and habitat.


Nature NB: Nature NB (formerly the New Brunswick Federation of Naturalists) is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to celebrate, conserve and protect New Brunswick's natural heritage, through education, networking and collaboration. Founded in 1972 as the New Brunswick Federation of Naturalists, the organization is presently comprised of a dozen naturalist clubs and hundreds of members across the province. In addition to encouraging a better understanding of the natural environment and awakening concern for our province's natural heritage, Nature NB recognizes the importance of actions to preserve and maintain that natural heritage.


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Nova Scotia Bird Society: The Nova Scotia Bird Society has been a focus for birders in this province for more than 50 years. Serving over 500 members, the Society has much to offer anyone interested in wild birds. The Society holds regular meetings and offers many interesting field trips to favourite Nova Scotia birding spots that are open to both members and non-members.


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Natural History Society of Prince Edward Island: The Natural History Society of PEI has existed as an organization of Island residents with roots to the 1880's. The Natural History Society of PEI was formed to join together as a provincial body the nature lovers and other interested persons of Prince Edward Island (in part) to protect, the flora and fauna of the province; to promote, encourage, and enjoy the study of natural history; and to assist, work with, and support other organizations, government bureaus or other agencies having similar or allied objects.


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