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Tag: Motus Wildlife Tracking System

Migration Education Program Engages Students in Bird Science and Conservation

19 May 2017 – The Motus Wildlife Tracking System provides an exciting opportunity to engage students in real-world bird science and conservation.

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New Paper Shares Exciting Research Potential of the Motus Network

17 April 2017 – If you have been following news from Bird Studies Canada over the past few years, you’ve certainly heard of the Motus Wildlife Tracking System.

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Unlocking Migration Mysteries to Conserve Birds

24 November 2016 – A special year-end message from Bird Studies Canada President, Steven Price.

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Panama Welcomes the Motus Wildlife Tracking System

4 May 2016 – Last week, BirdLife Americas partner organizations converged in Panama for biennial meetings on bird conservation in the Western Hemisphere. Bird Studies Canada and the Panama Audubon Society had unusual news to share.

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Motus System Documents Amazing Migrations

5 August 2015 – An exciting update from the Motus Wildlife Tracking System! New details on the northbound spring migration of 19 thrushes (out of 67 tagged in Colombia).

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Secrets of Bird Movements Revealed

15 July 2015 – Groundbreaking research using the Motus Wildlife Tracking System provides amazing new details of birds' habitat use at wintering and stopover areas, and their migratory flights.

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