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The Bird Studies Canada GBBC Story Contest

We at Bird Studies Canada want to hear your most exciting, inspiring, funny, or heartwarming story about the Great Backyard Bird Count! To enter our story contest, email us your best tale from this year’s (or a previous year’s) GBBC, in 200-400 words.

Unlocking Migration Mysteries to Conserve Birds

25 November 2016 – A special year-end message from Bird Studies Canada President, Steven Price.

The State of North America’s Birds

18 May 2016 – Health check-up reveals weak pulse for many of our beloved birds.
Partnerships, Citizen Science critical to long-term conservation.

Panama Welcomes the Motus Wildlife Tracking System

Last week, BirdLife Americas partner organizations converged in Panama for biennial meetings on bird conservation in the Western Hemisphere. Bird Studies Canada and the Panama Audubon Society had unusual news to share.

Book Reviews: Two Unique Offerings

11 December 2015 – BSC president Steven Price reviews two new books about birds for the holidays.

International Training Benefits Our Shared Songbirds

11 December 2015 – Through our Latin American Training Program, we offer advanced migration monitoring training at Long Point Bird Observatory and abroad – most recently, in Belize.

Waterbird Surveys at Ontario IBAs

10 December 2015 – It was a busy fall for waterbird surveys at Ontario’s IBAs, supported by outstanding teams of volunteers. We’re pleased to share the spectacular results.

Partnering for Grassland Conservation

9 December 2015 – Bird Studies Canada’s Dr. Christian Artuso recently participated in international meetings to support our grassland bird research and conservation initiatives.

The Rick Mercer Report Features Bird Studies Canada

30 November 2015 – The prominent Canadian satirist, author, and television personality recently visited Bird Studies Canada to learn about birds, migration monitoring research, and conservation.

What Would You Like Most from Bird Studies Canada in Your Region?

16 November 2015 – A special year-end message from Bird Studies Canada President, Steven Price.

Motus System Documents Amazing Migrations

5 August 2015: An exciting update from the Motus Wildlife Tracking System! New details on the northbound spring migration of 19 thrushes (out of 67 tagged in Colombia).

Secrets of Bird Movements Revealed

15 July 2015: Groundbreaking research using the Motus Wildlife Tracking System provides amazing new details of birds’ habitat use at wintering and stopover areas, and their migratory flights.

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