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Conservation is a Team Effort during the Great Canadian Birdathon

28 April 2017 – Birdathon month is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Last year’s Great Canadian Birdathon was a huge success, with more than 400 participants and 4000 supporters raising over $226,000 for bird conservation efforts across Canada.


Private Landowners Protect Endangered Piping Plovers

17 April 2017 – When competition for nesting habitat is fierce or predators reduce nesting success, moving to a different beach may be the only option for a Piping Plover. However, development has made many public and private beaches unsuitable nesting habitat for this endangered species.

Spring into Marsh Monitoring

17 April 2017 – Whether a beginner or a seasoned expert, each volunteer for Bird Studies Canada’s Marsh Monitoring Program (MMP) contributes to wetlands science by surveying for secretive marsh birds (and – in Ontario – for amphibians, too).

New Paper Shares Exciting Research Potential of the Motus Network

17 April 2017 – If you have been following news from Bird Studies Canada over the past few years, you’ve certainly heard of the Motus Wildlife Tracking System.


Endangered Piping Plover Pays a Visit

13 April 2017 – Norfolk County, Ontario played host to a very special visitor on Tuesday, April 11 and Wednesday, April 12, 2017. On Tuesday evening, Sheila Chevarie of Port Dover was walking the beach in that town when she spied a small shorebird that she did not immediately recognize.

Volunteers Needed for Chimney Swift Surveys

13 April 2017 – The 2017 SwiftWatch season is rapidly approaching as Chimney Swifts make their long migration north from South America. Citizen Scientists in Bird Studies Canada’s SwiftWatch program fill critical information gaps by monitoring and acting as stewards for Chimney Swifts and their habitat.

Project FeederWatch: Thirty, Birdy, and Thriving

13 April 2017 – April is here! That means warmer temperatures, spring migrants, and the beckoning call of the great outdoors. But before we get swept away by all of that, let’s take a moment to acknowledge another rite of spring: the conclusion of Project FeederWatch season.


Getting the Big Picture with eBird

15 March 2017 – If you’ve been involved in the world of birding since 2002, then you’re very likely familiar with eBird.


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